Achievement NameDescriptionPointsTitle?
FarmerKill 100 Bligs5
HarvesterKill 1000 Bligs10
Mass ProducerKill 5000 Bligs15Pig Farmer
ExtinctionKill 10000 Bligs20Slaughterer
A Pair of SocksKill 10 Bleeps10
Blue OutfitKill 100 Bleeps15
Fully FurnishedKill 500 Bleeps20???
Fashion LineKill 1000 Bleeps25???
Branch CollectorKill 100 Forest Guardians5
Firewood GathererKill 1000 Forest Guardians10
Cabin BuilderKill 5000 Forest Guardians15Lumberjack
DeforestationKill 10000 Forest Guardians20There Goes The Cure
SpookedKill 10 Forest Spirits10
TolerantKill 100 Forest Spirits15
Over ItKill 500 Forest Spirits20Over It
JadedKill 1000 Forest Spirits25???
WannabeKill 10 Ninjas10
TraineeKill 100 Ninjas15
ShinobiKill 500 Ninjas20
Master of ShadowsKill 1000 Ninjas25
Mushroom HunterKill 10 Rare Truffles10
Mushroom HobbyistKill 100 Rare Truffles15
Polka Dot PanicKill 500 Rare Truffles20
HighKill 1000 Rare Truffles25???
?Kill 3 Inconspicuous Mushrooms15
??Kill 25 Inconspicuous Mushrooms20
???Kill 100 Inconspicuous Mushrooms25
Conspiracy TheoristKill 500 Inconspicuous Mushrooms30
Let DownKill 5 Weak Chests10
BaitedKill 50 Weak Chests15
Empty HunterKill 250 Weak Chests20
Box DeconstructorKill 500 Weak Chests25
Found It!Kill 3 Wood Chests10
Chest SeekerKill 25 Wood Chests15
Chest HunterKill 100 Wood Chests20
Chest ExploiterKill 250 Wood Chests25
A Bit TougherKill 3 Steel Chests10
Chest BattlerKill 25 Steel Chests15
FoundryKill 100 Steel Chests20
RebounderKill 250 Steel Chests25
It's Gold...Kill 3 Gold Chests10
High Class WaresKill 25 Gold Chests15
LuckyKill 100 Gold Chests20
FortuneKill 250 Gold Chests25
What is This!?Kill 3 Giant Chests10
Party TimeKill 25 Giant Chests15
Party CrasherKill 100 Giant Chests20
Party VeteranKill 250 Giant Chests25
Baby StepsReach Level 25
Middle of the RoadReach Level 5010
Journey's EndReach Level 9915Is This It?
...Or notReach Level 10020???
Spare ChangeHave 1000 gold5
SavingsHave 10000 gold10
Rich KidHave 100000 gold15Rich Kid
HoarderHave 1 Million gold20The Dream
ThriftySell at least 500 gold worth of items5
VendorSell at least 5000 gold worth of items10
EntrepeneurSell at least 50000 gold worth of items15Pawn Star
TycoonSell at least 500000 gold worth of items20Dreamin'
StarterTotal Online Time at least 1 hour5
ExperiencedTotal Online Time at least 72 hours10
VeteranTotal Online Time at least 60 days15Back In My Day
Super IdlerTotal Online Time at least 200 days20???
OopsDie at least 10 times5
ToughDie at least 100 times10
ResiliantDie at least 1000 times15It Happens...
ResurrectedDie at least 10000 times20???
FighterKill other players at least 10 times5
KillerKill other players at least 100 times10
SlayerKill other players at least 1000 times15???
GenocideKill other players at least 10000 times20???
Where'd it Go?Leave 10 items on the ground5
What's Happening!?Leave 100 items on the ground10
Money Down the DrainLeave 1000 items on the ground15???
I Don't Even Care AnymoreLeave 10000 items on the ground20???
Loot!Obtain 10 items5
Starting a CollectionObtain 100 items10
Need More StorageObtain 1000 items15In Storage
Bought Myself a WarehouseObtain 10000 items20???
GardenerKill 5 Flowas5
Plant AbuseKill 25 Flowas10
Killer of BeautyKill 500 Flowas15???
Flower Power!Kill 1000 Flowas20???