Basic Controls

A: Jump
S: Main attack
D: Secondary attack (if available)
X: Sit (regens HP/Energy faster)
Down Arrow: Duck (if used while Jumping, you jump higher)
P: Activate or deactivate PvP mode
CTRL: Interact with NPC (will have text in top right of game window)
Enter: Opens chat input (or sends chat if already open)
Single Esc: Close open GUI windows
Double Esc: Initiate closing of game

Stat Effects

STR: Increases your hit power and knockback distance
VIT: Increases your Max HP, DEF and HP regen at certain intervals
AGI: Increases your base movement speed, duck+jump height, and attack speed
INT: Increases your Max Energy, energy regen and ability effects
DEF: Decreases how much damage you take and knockback distance

Inventory/Hotbar/GUI actions

Left click->Drag: Moves item to where you release (if over another space)
Right click: Equips item, opens lootbox, uses consumable, learns ability/cosmetic
Shift+Right click: Deletes item in inventory or removes ability from hotbar
Left click header->Drag: Moves GUI window if possible
Right click (Ability GUI): Adds selected abilty to hotbar

NPC Actions

CTRL: Opens/closes NPC window or saves spawn on spawn lamp
Right click: On NPC window, purchases item if possible
Shift+Right click: In inventory, sells item if possible
Mouse wheel: Scrolls through NPC window (also scrolls game chat)
Page Up/Dn: Scrolls through NPC window (also scrolls game chat)


/clouds: Enables or disables clouds
/fps: Displays your current Frames Per Second
/online: Display current number of players online
/parallax: Enables or disables parallax backgrounds
/ping: Displays your current ping response time from the server
/resetgui: Resets GUI window positions
/sound: Enables or disables game sounds
/titles: Enables always-on player titles or only mouse over